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Developing your writing

Freefall Writing Workshops

Freefall Writing helps get you out of your own way to, well, write. Acclaimed teacher and mentor Barbara Turner-Vesselago has developed five simple precepts to guide you in and drive your writing forward. Freefall Writing Workshops are suited to writers’ at all stages of development.

Freefall Writing Workshop, 16-22 May, 2021

Scheduled in time zones to suit writers across Australia, with a maximum of 10 participants. $995 for the 7 day workshop includes tuition, workshops, daily readings and feedback on your writing.

Generating new work

Writing Boot, Online

Led by Robin McLeanWriting Boot is an immersive one-day workshop for writers just starting out, or who need a restart. Whether looking to writer something new, or just write something, or, seeking new ways to go deeper into rewrites this workshop will push you further into your work. AUD$250

Upside Down? Right Side Up? Online

Three-day workshop where you will leave with new work, and more importantly, new tools to open and deepen your prose. With the guidance of Robin McLean, you will have the time and inspiration for new ideas to incubate, crack open and grow.

Editing Workshop

Icebergs & Elbow Grease, Online

Led by Robin McLeanIcebergs & Elbow Grease is a three day workshop to help you discover what lies beneath the surface of your work, and how to craft your story.

The workshop is suited to writers of all levels who have some work, whether a story or novel, at or beyond the first draft.

Manuscript assessment

Manuscript assessment

An independent manuscript assessment can be invaluable, but it can also be expensive, and done at the wrong time might not deliver value to the work.

Love Street have worked with some writing teachers and mentors to develop a range of manuscript assessment options to suit where you are at with the work, and guide your understanding of what should come next. Find out more.

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