Manuscript Review

A short cut to finding a trusted reader who can provide meaningful insight that is relevant to the stage of development of your manuscript.

While critical to help see the blind spots in your own work, it can be difficult to find a trusted reader, so we’ve found some for you who can help provide an independent view of your manuscript and what to consider in your next stage of development.

Developmental read

Robin McLean offers a developmental read. Robin will read the manuscript twice with time in between to mull over the work and what she is understanding from what is on the page. In conversation, she will go through a mirroring-process to let you know what the story is, discuss how this compares with your intent, and what you can do to refine and shape the work.

This will be a no-holes barred review, intended to help you do the best service to your story that you can.

The process works best if you have specific questions, broad or specific, about the manuscript.

You will get the most value out of this read if you have already worked through the problems that can you see, and taken your manuscript to a minimum second draft.

Prices start at $1200 for manuscripts of up to 70,000 words.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Tailored manuscript development program

Following a developmental read, Robin can develop a tailored program to support you and your work through the rewriting and polishing stages, as well as helping you get ready to submit.

The program will be milestone focussed, and price in accordance to time your mentor needs to read and review your work at each stage.